COVID-19 “CONTROVERSIES” Is the disease becoming more challenging ( Opinion)


COVID-19 “CONTROVERSIES”  Is the disease  becoming more challenging   ( Opinion)

As 2021 is coming to an end, the world is still battling with the Covid19 pandemic which started in the Chinese province of Wuhan in December 2019.

Since it was unexpected, panic and shock ruled the world ruled the world almost the first quarter of the next year 2020 and almost everything came to a standstill.

Lockdowns were also imposed in almost  every corner of the world which even later  sparked off protests in several countries across Europe.

The African continent in May 2020 topped the list of this virus controversy when the late Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli after getting suspicious sent the World Health Organization team tricked samples of a goat, pawpaw and quail which later tested positive for covid19.

The out spoken Tanzanian president made the announcement live on Tv just days after reports of his government kicking out the W.H.O team from the country.

Days after this Tanzania move, Burundi also an African country kicked out the W.H.O  coronavirus team from the country on reports of allegedly interfering in the countries internal matters.

In Nigeria northern Africa, news of world billionaire Bill gates being caught bribing a forced covid19 program struck and also fueled the situation.

Asia was also not spared in that first quarter as China which was the epicenter of the pandemic stoped updating the W.H.O with numbers of cases and deaths from the virus and till now authorities refused to comply.

In Europe, the Italian member of parliament Sara Cunial denounced Bill gates as a “vaccine criminal” and urged their president to hand him over to the I.C.C for crimes against humanity. She exposed him along with their plans to chip the human race through the digital identification program ID2020.

Later in December 2020, the first covid19 vaccine was administered to the 90year old Margaret Keenan in the United Kingdom and later the CDC approved Pfizer vaccine.

What was seen as a relief, later became a global controversy again as up-to now some people believe vaccines are not safe and its not a must for everyone to get vaccinated.

PCR tests are the latest in the covid19 controversy as these are now a required necessity on every boarder point of every country worldwide.

Recently, Portuguese appeals court ruled that PCR tests are un reliable and that it is unlawful to quarantine people based solely on these tests.

On 12th December 2021, an Austrian parliamentary member also exposed the defectiveness of the government covid19 tests by demonstrating in parliament how coca cola soda tested positive for the virus.

Michael Schnedritz demonstrated this experiment on the podium and in his speech after he said the tens and millions of tax payers money spent on these tests are worthless.

Schnedritz advised that instead of these tests, they should just provide real protection for the old and also invest heavily in hospitals and nursing homes.