Inside Cabinet meeting on COVID19 respose

Inside Cabinet meeting on COVID19 response; Money will be received on 7th July; Stanbic, Give Directly to eat big!

Inside Cabinet meeting on COVID19 respose
Part of the #COVID19 taskforce led by Robinah Nabbanja seated
Inside Cabinet meeting on COVID19 respose

Resolutions from the cabinet meeting that met on Monday,28th June to discuss the modalities of #COVID19 to the vulnerable agreed to support 501,107 vulnerable households in Kampala metropolitan,  cities, and municipalities around Uganda; each household will receive shs 100,000. The money will be distributed by Stanbic bank and Give Directly, an organization that gives cash directly to people living in poverty.

As of today Ministry of finance has been tasked to approve shs 53,400,724,000.

The targeted households will also receive a waiver on Water and Electricity Bills during the 42 days of lockdown and no disconnection will take place during the period. 

The #COVID19 response taskforce meeting that sat on 20th and 23rd June chaired by Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja proposed the interventions that have now been approved by the cabinet with a few changes.
The proposed date when the money will be sent to beneficiaries is 7th July 2021.

According to the Uganda National household survey 2019/2020, 21.4% of people live in poverty in Uganda, however, this response will not target poor Ugandans but those that live in urban centers and survive on hand-to-mouth business.

The beneficiaries will include Boda Boda riders, salon operators, bus and taxi drivers conductors, baggage carriers, wheel Barrow pushers,  touts, traffic guides,  loaders in the bus and taxi parks and Kikubo, barmen, waitresses and waiters, DJs, Barmaids, Bouncers, Musicians, producers, promoters, Comedians; Gym, bar and restaurant workers; food vendors in parks and arcades; special hire and Uber drivers; teachers and support staff in private schools plus teachers and support staff in government schools but not on payroll; Car washers, slum dwellers and ghetto residents, street vendors, shoe shiners,  and cobblers; Scrap and plastic collectors mainly in Kampala; Orphaned and Vulnerable children.

Selection of beneficiaries will be done at the local government level through chairpersons LC 1 and 111's, registration is already ongoing.

02nd April 2020–Uganda registered her first case of COVID-19 on Saturday 21st March 2020. The confirmed case was a 36- year old Ugandan male who arrived from Dubai on Saturday 21st March 2020 at 2:00 am abroad at Ethiopian Airlines.

As if to date Uganda had registered  956 deaths,51,860 recoveries, and only  854,232 people have been vaccinated in a country with a total population of 44million people.