National Identification Cards don’t apply to the candidates of 2022- UNEB Executive Director.

National Identification Cards don’t apply to the candidates of 2022- UNEB Executive Director.

On Monday 4th April, news broke through that the national examination body will require students that enrolled under the revised competence based lower secondary school curriculum to obtain Learner Identification Numbers (LINs) using their parents National Identification Numbers (NINs) to seat for their final exams.

However in a press statement released by UNEB Executive Director Dan Odongo on April 5th clarified that the requirement for a parents National Identification Card to register a candidate does not apply to the candidates of 2022.

According to Odongo, this statement is therefore to allay all the fears of candidates, parents, guardians and school administrators that no one will be disqualified from registering for the 2022 examinations because of the National Identification Card.

Odongo also enlightened that candidates of 2022 at primary school level only need the learner’s authentic bio-data (a genuine copy of a birth certificate) to ensure consistency and passport size photographs taken by the school as prescribed by UNEB.

For secondary school level, Odongo said that the main data requirement is the learner’s student number and year of sitting for the proceeding series of UNEB and also to present the previous result slips to the school at the time of registration.

Odongo also reminded learners who sat for examinations not administered by UNEB to bring their results to their headquarters to determine their equivalence before they are allowed to register for the national examinations.

Odongo also informed that the normal registration process is still ongoing up to May 31st and encouraged parents and school administrators to support all the 2022 candidates to register in time to beat up the late registration that attracts a surcharge.

On February 10th, UNEB issued out an examination roadmap where learners will seat their final examinations from the period of October to December 2022 and the detailed timetables for the three examinations will be issued by August 2022

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