Multichoice Uganda Announces Subscription Fee Increase for DStv and GOtv Customers

Multichoice Uganda Announces Subscription Fee Increase for DStv and GOtv Customers

Multichoice Uganda, the parent company of popular television services DStv and GOtv, has announced another round of subscription fee adjustments, sparking concerns among customers.

Effective April 1, subscribers can expect changes to their monthly bills as the company says is grappling with escalating operational costs across Africa.

The decision to raise subscription fees comes less than six months after the last increment, notably driven primarily by rising operational expenses.

Multichoice Uganda, a subsidiary of the South African-based Multichoice Group, operates in 16 African countries, with a significant presence in East, Central, and Southern Africa.

The planned fee increase varies, with adjustments ranging from Shs3,000 to Shs15,000, depending on the subscription package.

Subscribers have already begun receiving SMS notifications regarding these impending changes, prompting mixed reactions among the customer base.

While Multichoice cites currency exchange fluctuations and inflation as key factors behind the tariff adjustment, some DStv and GOtv customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the perceived decline in service quality.

They argue that despite the continuous rise in subscription fees, the overall viewing experience has not improved, raising questions about the value for money.

Multichoice's decision to raise tariffs comes amidst a backdrop of economic challenges, including the appreciation of the US dollar against the Uganda shilling and increased inflation rates.

The company purchases content in US dollars, and fluctuations in exchange rates directly impact operational costs, necessitating adjustments to subscription fees.

With competition in the pay-TV market and growing demand for streaming alternatives, the company must strive to enhance service quality and justify the proposed fee increases to retain its customer base.