NEMA Halts Degradation of Vital Nakiyanja Wetland in Wakiso District

NEMA Halts Degradation of Vital Nakiyanja Wetland in Wakiso District

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has intervened to halt ongoing degradation of Nakiyanja wetland in Sonde, Kira Municipality, Wakiso District.

The wetland, which plays a crucial role in draining into River Sezibwa and serving the greater Kayunga and Mukono districts, faced threats of irreversible damage due to alleged encroachment by Ms. Genagiri Limited.

NEMA inspectors, in collaboration with a joint technical team from the Ministry of Water and Environment and the Environment Protection Police Unit, discovered that Ms. Genagiri Limited had misrepresented their intentions by presenting a certificate of approval (No. NEMA/EIA/15422) for development on a separate piece of dry land.

However, the developer had illegally encroached upon the nearby Nakiyanja wetland, prompting swift action to halt further degradation.

The encroachment posed significant risks, including increased flooding, loss of biodiversity, and habitat destruction for various species within the wetland ecosystem.

Consequently, NEMA has initiated further investigations into the matter, with plans to issue a Restoration Order.

Additionally, the responsible parties may face prosecution or administrative fines as part of the regulatory process.

Since September 2021, NEMA has suspended approvals and permits for activities in wetlands. The Authority emphasizes the importance of citizen vigilance in ensuring a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment for current and future generations.