Uganda Achieves Record Coffee Exports in January 2024

Uganda Achieves Record Coffee Exports in January 2024
A woman picking ready coffee beans. Photo/Courtesy

Uganda's coffee exports surged to unprecedented levels in January 2024. According to the latest report by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), a total of 481,586 60-kilo bags of coffee, valued at an impressive US$85.57 million, were exported during the month.

This remarkable feat showcases a remarkable 27.23% increase in export value compared to the corresponding period last year. Despite a slight 2.53% decrease in quantity, the surge in export value underscores the resilience and profitability of Uganda's coffee sector, solidifying its position as a global coffee powerhouse.

The average export price of coffee experienced a notable upswing, reaching US$2.96 per kilo in January 2024, surpassing figures recorded in both December 2023 and January 2023. This upward trend in prices augurs well for Uganda's coffee farmers and exporters.

Robusta coffee emerged as the dominant force in the export landscape, constituting 84% of total exports.

Notably, Robusta witnessed a substantial increase in average price, with Washed Robusta fetching a commendable US$3.12 per kilo. Conversely, Arabica exports experienced a decline in both quantity and value compared to the same period last year.

The performance of individual exporters reflected dynamic shifts within the industry, with Ugacof(U) Ltd emerging as the top exporter, capturing an impressive 11.73% of the market share.

However, the concentration among the top 10 exporters witnessed a slight decrease from the previous month, indicative of heightened competition in the market.

Internationally, Uganda's coffee continued to captivate attention, with Sucafina leading as the top foreign buyer, closely followed by Louis Dreyfus and Olam International. These buyers maintained their positions from the previous month.

Italy remained a pivotal market for Uganda's coffee exports, accounting for 45% of the total coffee exports in December 2023.

Alongside coffee, Uganda's exports encompassed a diverse array of commodities, including mineral products, cotton, tea, tobacco, fish and its products, sesame seeds, maize, beans, and flowers.