Entebbe Airport Records 2nd Highest Passenger Traffic In a Single Month

Entebbe Airport Records 2nd Highest Passenger Traffic In a Single Month

Entebbe international airport has recorded the second highest passenger traffic in January 2024.

According to Vianney Lugya, the Spokesperson of Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, has revealed that the airport saw a remarkable influx of international passengers, totaling 196,211 individuals. Among them, 99,216 were arriving passengers, while 96,995 were departing passengers.

Lugya emphasized that this surge represented an average of 6,329 passengers per day, marking the second-highest figure ever recorded in a single month.

"This trend closely followed the impressive record set in December 2023, with 6,418 passengers per day, illustrating the consistent growth trajectory of passenger traffic at Entebbe International Airport."

The spokesperson attributed the surge in January 2024 passenger traffic to Uganda's distinguished role as the host country for the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) and G77+ China summits during that month.

"The airport played a pivotal role in facilitating the arrival and departure of delegates, with a total of 1,918 individuals attending the summits, undoubtedly contributing to the heightened traffic volume."

In addition to passenger traffic, Entebbe International Airport also demonstrated robust activity in cargo handling.

"The airport recorded 1,579 metric tons of imports and 3,604 metric tons of exports, amounting to a substantial total of 5,183 metric tons in January 2024."