Mpuuga Reiterates Founding Role in NUP and Vows to Stay

Mpuuga Reiterates Founding Role in NUP and Vows to Stay

Commissioner of Parliament Mathias Mpuuga held a press conference today to address recent speculations surrounding his allegiance to the National Unity Platform (NUP).

Mpuuga reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to the party, emphasizing his founding role and dedication to its principles.

"I'm here to state that I'm a founder of NUP. I did not join NUP, I was a part of the founding blocks of NUP where I serve as a Deputy President in charge of Buganda," Mpuuga noted.

Addressing rumors of his potential departure, Mpuuga asserted, "At least nobody has moved me to the level of deserting a party that I founded. That should be understood." His resolute stance underscores his steadfast loyalty to NUP despite any challenges it may face.

"Whichever indiscipline, mismanagement, or mischievous maneuvers we are going to be in. If you are a leader, a soldier with data to insult and abuse me, you insult me from within. I am here for keeps," he stated defiantly.

"Whoever thought that they were hounding me out of NUP, I'm here to inform them that whichever indiscipline, mismanagement, or mischievous maneuvers, we are going to be in the party," Mpuuga emphasized.

He also noted that, "NUP is my party and I harbor no intentions whatsoever of leaving; I am going Nowhere, rather I’ll in the coming days embark on a process of instituting internal Party reforms to make it a credible and competent Government in waiting."