Gov't Unveils 10 Bed ICU at Jinja Referral Hospital

Gov't Unveils 10 Bed ICU at Jinja Referral Hospital
The ICU bed in Jinja refer all hospital. Photo/Courtesy

Government has unveiled a newly upgraded and fully equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital.

The ceremony was graced by esteemed dignitaries including the Minister for Presidency, Hon Milly Babalanda, and Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng.

Ministry of health officials noted that the10-bed ICU facility is equipped to address critical care needs not only in the Busoga region but also extending its services to neighbouring areas.

Each bed in the ICU boasts state-of-the-art equipment, including ICU beds, patient monitors, and ventilators, ensuring comprehensive care for patients in critical conditions.

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng noted that, "Prior to the establishment of this ICU, patients in need of intensive care often encountered challenges in accessing timely and appropriate treatment."

"This facility directly addresses these pressing healthcare needs, easing the burden on patients and their families while enhancing the overall quality of healthcare services in the region."

The project's success was made possible through the concerted efforts of the government of the Republic of Uganda, with full funding provided to ensure the successful completion of the ICU facility.

Hon. Babalanda, in her address, reiterated the administration's dedication to improving the health sector, emphasizing the importance of accessible and high-quality healthcare for all Ugandans.

She also highlighted significant strides in equipping healthcare facilities with essential diagnostic tools such as CT scanners, previously inaccessible to many due to their high cost in private facilities.

"The government's investment in healthcare infrastructure, including plans for the provision of MRI machines in the near future, demonstrates a proactive approach to comprehensively addressing healthcare challenges." She noted.