Inter-Religious Family Festival Launches in Kampala

Inter-Religious Family Festival Launches in Kampala

Today marked the grand inauguration of the Inter-Religious Family Festival at Uganda Media Center in Kampala. Organized by the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) in collaboration with the Global Peace Foundation and the Government of the Republic of Uganda, the festival set its sights on addressing critical challenges facing African societies and families.

Under the theme "Celebrating Faith, Family, Freedom: One Family under God for African Renaissance," the festival aspires to harness the collective strength of diverse communities towards a vision of shared values, sustainable development, and peacebuilding across the continent.

Distinguished leaders from religious, cultural, political, business, artistic, media, and community spheres, along with representatives from the East African Community, African Union, and the international community, convened to partake in this historic event.

Youth, parents, private sector stakeholders, educators, environmentalists, civil servants, and civil society representatives also played integral roles.

The festival aims to underscore the pivotal role of family, interfaith, and intercultural cooperation in advancing freedom and envisioning a twenty-first century African renaissance.

It serves as a platform to explore best practices in peacebuilding, poverty alleviation, education, and community health initiatives within an environment that champions religious and cultural diversity, interfaith harmony, and reverence for Africa's spiritual heritage.

Activities throughout the festival include panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and recreational pursuits such as mountain climbing and exploring the Uganda Martyr's trail, all designed to foster dialogue and collaboration on key issues including youth empowerment, education reform, religious freedom, and socio-economic transformation.

A significant component of the festival involves roundtable discussions and working sessions aimed at revitalizing inter-religious and cultural councils across Africa, highlighting the critical role of family, faith, and cultural communities in national transformation.