Museveni advises Ugandans in US and UK to invest in Uganda

Museveni advises Ugandans in US and UK  to invest in Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni has advised Ugandans living in the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK) to utilize the available opportunities to invest in Uganda.

According to President Museveni, Uganda is a secure country whose economy is growing stronger day by day and its citizens in the Diaspora should use the chance to develop themselves economically.

He made the remarks on Friday February 17th, 2023, as he met a team of Ugandans living in the USA and UK at State House, Entebbe.

When you are explaining to your people there, tell them that they are losing out because Uganda will continue to progress. Yes, you are there working but we think our system will become much stronger than what you have there. So, what I would advise is that the movement you are starting of re-orienting people is first and foremost for your own good, the Head of State urged.

You are linked to a growing force, a new force; people who were looking after cows just for drinking milk, they now know how to make milk a cash product, they now know how to make beef a cash product, leather a cash product. We now have the Acholis who were hunters, they now have big commercial farms. We have got people who are getting into the money economy from the non-monetary economy. You can use your presence there to tap, bring and grow yourself,he added.

President Museveni further tipped his visitors that Uganda has more profit returns in businesses than the USA and UK.

It will be better if we all work together but most importantly you are missing an opportunity which really you can take advantage of. There are more returns here than where you are.

Mr. Timothy Nyonjo, who led a team from USA informed the President that they are ready to add a brick to the economy of Uganda.

We are working towards pacifying the Diaspora so that we bring the good things there to our country. we want to add value to agriculture, mining and other resources. Your Excellency we thank you for developing every sector of the economy, he said.

In order to promote patriotism among Ugandans in the Diaspora, Mr. Nyonjo told President Museveni that they are in plans to set up Chapters in all states of USA to mobilize and sensitize people about the NRM ideology.

We are here to fight for our government and the ruling party which we support. Now we are acting as the third force ready to build the country without dividing it. We are spreading the gospel of mindset change so that we begin to see things in the positive way.

Mr. Allan Olara Otema, the Chairman UK & Ireland Chapter also assured Gen. Museveni that they have investors who are ready to inject millions of pounds in Ugandas health, Education, tourism and agriculture sectors.

We are the Ambassadors out there, we are the faces of government out there and therefore we have to be the ones that are lifting our flags high in terms of looking for investors and promoting our country, Mr. Olaranoted.

We have investors with us who are 100 percent willing to invest in healthcare worth 500 million pounds to 1 billion pounds. In tourism, 8.5 million pounds, agrobusiness and value addition packaging and food security- 25 million pounds and Education and health on top- 10 million pounds. We have these people, he added.

Mr. Olara also disclosed to the President that as supporters of the ruling government, they are doing mobilization work to curtail the misinformation and defamation being spread against Uganda by bad political elements in the Diaspora.

Your Excellency, we subscribe to NRM, we believe in the party ideology and by doing that we are doing mobilization. As we are doing this, we are mobilizing not only for NRM, but we are preaching to all Ugandans, we are selling the idea of Uganda.