Museveni signs 5 bills into law

Museveni signs 5 bills into law

President Museveni has signed five bills passed by Parliament into law, marking significant changes across various sectors.

According to Thomas Tayebwa, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, the president's assent includes the Civil Aviation Amendment Bill 2024, Judicature Amendment Bill 2023, The Explosives Act 2023, Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances (Control) Act 2023, and The Competition Act 2023.

New Legal Landscape Unveiled

The Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances (Control) Act, 2023 sanctions licensed cultivation and usage of marijuana strictly for medical purposes, imposing severe penalties for substance abuse-related offenses. The legislation underscores the gravity of violations with forfeiture of assets, lengthy imprisonment, and substantial fines.

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2024, aligns Uganda's aviation regulations with the Convention on International Civil Aviation. It empowers a chief investigator to lead inquiries into aircraft accidents or serious incidents within Uganda or involving Ugandan-registered aircraft overseas.

The Judicature (Amendment) Bill, 2023, mandates an increase in the number of judges in both the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, bolstering the judiciary's capacity to handle legal matters effectively.

The Explosives Act 2023 aims to refine the licensing and utilization of explosives in the mining sector, replacing the outdated Explosives Act 1936. It introduces the role of Chief Explosives Inspector and strictly regulates the importation and use of explosives, excluding those intended for military purposes.

Stringent Measures and Streamlined Processes

Clause 28 of the Explosives Act 2023 imposes severe penalties for unlicensed possession or use of explosives, suggesting fines up to Shs10 billion or a 10-year prison sentence, or both. Clause 29 outlines the licensing procedure, granting the Minister of Internal Affairs significant authority over licensing fees determination.

These legislative overhauls signify Uganda's commitment to enhancing safety, security, and regulatory compliance across key sectors, from aviation to judiciary and mining.

With the enactment of these bills, the legal landscape undergoes significant transformation, addressing pressing issues and aligning Uganda's laws with international standards.