President Museveni launches Irene Birungi’s book, ‘The CEO’ in you

President Yoweri Museveni has described Mrs. Irene Birungi Mugisha as a very brave, enthusiastic and a determined person who has immense thirst for knowledge.

President Museveni launches Irene Birungi’s book, ‘The CEO’ in you
President Museveni launches ‘The CEO’ in you book
President Museveni launches Irene Birungi’s book, ‘The CEO’ in you

I want to congratulate Irene Mugisha for being a brave girl and for being enthusiastic, determined and also who has the thirst to learn. I first met Irene in Thailand because the late Mulwana had some business connection with Thailand and they had organized a big conference there. Irene was introduced to me as a journalist who was writing about economy or business. I could see that she was thirsty for Knowledge,” he said.

Irene Birungi Mugisha and President Kaguta Museveni at the book launch 

The president was this afternoon launching a book authored by Mrs. Irene Birungi Mugisha entitled ‘The CEO in You. The Changemaker’ at a colorful ceremony that took place at State House Nakasero.

The must read book provides the tools and insights one needs to become a true change agent starting with one’s own life. The book can help one to develop the skills and mindset necessary to drive personal innovation and transformation so much so that your impact will be a blessing to many other people.

Birungi's mother and children at the book launch
President Museveni added that Irene was later enrolled in his office
at State House, and he noted that she was very much interested in the line of business to the point of initiating some programs like the CEOs’ forum.

She was the one who brought up the idea of CEOs’ forum. There was another one called the Presidential Round table by Baroness Linder Chalker, but this one of the CEOs’ is open, bigger and more comprehensive. So, Irene was the pioneer of the CEO’s Forum,” the President said.

President Museveni also thanked the Keynote Speaker Ms. Precious Murena for her insight and analysis on the challenges facing the African continent.

“I thank the speaker from Zimbabwe I really like to see young people struggling with knowledge and I like the idea you are talking of new ventures. The message is:you people of Africa-wake up and make up your own analysis. When you make your own analysis, in medicine it is called diagnosis, next thing you must do is the prescription-then the medicine,” President Museveni said.

Irene and husband Maurice Mugisha at the book launch
He pointed out that the main problem of human history has been the wrong analysis of challenges faced by the people of the continent. He added that some societies end up failing or succeeding partially and get into problems.

He said many European thinkers fronted theories trying to understand production in society for wealth creation citing Karl Marx, Adam Smith and the French Physiocrats who believed that agriculture was the only source of wealth.

Other invited guests 
He noted that some of the European thinkers made some contributions but have run out of ideas unlike the Chinese who are doing very well by borrowing capitalist ideas and mixing them with socialist ones.

“When you talk of change you must correctly assess which are the facets that should be shed off and the ones that must continue,” he stressed.

President Museveni pointed out that a country like Uganda has a lot of food and raw materials adding that the only missing link is to understand the idea of value addition. He reiterated his gratitude to see that the young generation of the country has a lot of thirst for knowledge.

“Just like it is written in the Bible that blessed are they who thirst for the word of God---Blessed are you the young people who are thirsty for Knowledge. God Bless You, thank you,” President Museveni concluded.

The Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja thanked President Museveni for empowering women in the country especially for appointing them to serve in top government positions.

The Author of the Book Mrs. Irene Birungi who was flanked by her spouse Mr. Maurice Mugisha and family members was very delighted to see her work that started 3 years ago during the onset of the COVID-19 come to fruition.

She thanked President Museveni for gracing the occasion and all stake holders including her family members for their support.

Irene recommended the book ‘The CEO in You’ to be distributed in Universities, Tertiary Institutions as well as Secondary Schools in the country.

Dr. Ruth Biyinzika in her citation about the author described Irene as an exceptionally intelligent, hardworking, principled and incorruptible down to earth lady who handles tasks with excellent knowledge.

The keynote Speaker who was the Guest from Zimbabwe Ms. Precious Murena rooted on Education as a vehicle that will produce the future generation that will be able to solve challenges faced by the African continent.

She applauded the First Lady Mrs. Janet Museveni for programs being run under her Ministry of Education and Sports. Ms. Precious Murena also lauded President Museveni for allowing women working in State House like Irene to flourish.

We are celebrating Irene in the month of women. It was not easy to achieve this in a parochial society. I applaud President Museveni for allowing women in State House to Flourish,” she said.

She also commended President Museveni for the governments’ program, the Parish Development Model (PDM) that will certainly get people out of poverty.

President Museveni earlier in the auctioning of the books bought 1,000 copies of the CEO in You.

Others who bought the books included the Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Robina Nabanja, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon. Norbert Mao, the Minister of State for Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Hon David Bahati, the representative of the Private Sector Mr. Charles Mbiire and the Chief Executive of MTN, the Wavamunos among others.

Earlier, a very moving poem ‘Seeds of goodness planted in each of us’ was presented by a 9-year-oldgirl Hadassa Nissi Mugisa.

The Mother of the ‘CEO in You’ author Ms. PeruthMugisa while leading prayers thanked God for the special day. She also thanked President Museveni for providing Irene with the opportunity to explore her talents in communications that will inspire many youths in the country.