Two Businessmen Remanded for Violating Environmental Regulations in Mukono

Two Businessmen Remanded for Violating Environmental Regulations in Mukono

The Chief Magistrates Standards, Utilities & Wildlife Court in Makindye has ordered the remand of Kerim Ray and Eric Avunalo to Luzira Prison until July 15.

The two executives, representing Yaman Construction Ltd and Rockbuild Ltd respectively, face serious charges for environmental violations.

Kerim Ray, the director of the Turkish company Yaman Construction Ltd, and Eric Avunalo, the manager of Rockbuild Ltd, a site-clearing contractor, are accused of breaching the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) conditions set by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

They also face charges for illegally depositing marram into the Lwajjali Wetland, a critical ecological zone in Gongobe Village, Goma Division, Sseeta Parish, Mukono Municipality.

On June 30, 2024, NEMA inspectors discovered the accused backfilling the Lwajjali Wetland, an act prohibited under the National Environment Act No.5 of 2019.

Despite possessing an ESIA certificate (NEMA/EIA/18516) issued on June 14, 2024, for concrete manufacturing, the company’s actions violated environmental laws meant to protect wetlands.

Backfilling wetlands is a punishable offense under the Act, carrying penalties of up to thirty thousand currency points, twelve years of imprisonment, or both. The court will hear the case again on July 15.