Uganda Unveils New Equator Monument in Kasese, Promising to Boost Regional Tourism

Uganda Unveils New Equator Monument in Kasese, Promising to Boost Regional Tourism
The new Equator monument in Kasese district. Photos/Courtesy

Uganda has unveiled a striking new Equator monument in the western Kasese district.

This stainless-steel structure, designed by renowned architect Eric Prince India, replaces the old colonial-era landmark dismantled in 2019 due to road expansion efforts.

The monument, featuring a globe bisected by the Equator line, symbolizes Uganda’s dedication to both preserving and revitalizing its tourist attractions.

Situated within the lush, green landscape of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the monument offers a visually appealing experience as well as integrating cultural displays, a coffee shop, and craft stalls that showcase local art and flavors.

The project, initially projected to take six months but completed in nearly five years, has been met with widespread enthusiasm and local pride.

Tourism officials are optimistic that the new landmark will significantly boost visitor numbers and stimulate the local economy. Plans are in place to enhance the site further with ample parking and a ranger-managed restaurant to enrich the visitor experience and maintain order within the park.

Local business owners in Kasese are hopeful about the increased footfall and commercial opportunities the monument is expected to bring. They see it as a beacon of modernization and competitive tourism, rivalling similar attractions in neighboring countries.

The Kasese monument joins another prominent Equator crossing in Uganda located at Kayabwe Point on the Kampala-Masaka Highway.

This site, known for its marked Equator line and a cluster of craft shops and cafes, has long been a favorite stop for tourists traveling between Kampala and the western regions of Uganda.

Both sites offer visitors the unique geographic spectacle of standing in both hemispheres at once, enriched with informative displays and souvenir shops that enhance the educational and cultural experience.