Douglas Lwanga's Purple Skillz Clinic Graduates Over 100, Including Zahara Toto

Douglas Lwanga's Purple Skillz Clinic Graduates Over 100, Including Zahara Toto

The Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development (PACEID) and the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), in collaboration with the Purple Skills Klinic Foundation led by Douglas Lwanga, hosted a graduation ceremony at Eden Grounds in Kamwokya.

Over 100 individuals successfully completed a skilling training program encompassing diverse fields such as cosmetology, soap making, deejaying, baking, photography/videography, modeling, public speaking, and graphic designing.

Among the graduands was TV/radio personality Zahara Toto who graduated with a certificate in Deejaying.

Key speakers at the event included Dr. Patrick Byakatonda, Director of DIT, and Matthew Bagonza, Head of the Secretariat for PACEID. They congratulated the graduates and encouraged them to utilize their acquired skills for economic growth.

Matthew Bagonza expressed gratitude for the initiative aimed at empowering the youth in Kamwokya and pledged continued support for the Purple Skills Klinic. He highlighted the partnership between PACEID and DIT in equipping young people with skills essential for Uganda’s exports and industrial development.

Dr. Patrick Byakatonda commended the graduates and emphasized the importance of their newly acquired skills in contributing to the nation’s economic growth. He commissioned the graduates and awarded them modular occupational competence-based certificates.

Duncan Abigaba, a graduate student of international business, commended PACEID for empowering youth with practical skills and emphasized the significance of skilled labor in economic development. He encouraged graduates to produce quality goods and services aligned with international standards.

The ceremony featured performances by renowned entertainers, including Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Nina Roz, Fefe Bussi, and Karole Kasita, who inspired graduates to persevere and create employment opportunities within their expertise.

Douglas Lwanga, Founder of Purple Skills Klinic, expressed gratitude for the support of PACEID and DIT and acknowledged the collaborative efforts towards the ceremony's success.

"As graduates embark on their professional journeys, they carry with them not only certificates but also a sense of purpose and determination to contribute meaningfully to Uganda’s socio-economic landscape."

Government officials, industry leaders, and community members attended the ceremony, including Hon. Shamim Malende, Kampala Woman Member of Parliament, and Hon. Odoi Onen, Youth Member of Parliament for the Eastern region, who celebrated the achievements of the graduates and their potential to contribute to the country’s economic prosperity.