Avoid Speakership if you have underlying health complications- Museveni

Avoid Speakership if you have underlying health complications- Museveni

While addressing mourners during Speaker Oulanyah’s state funeral held at Kololo ceremonial grounds on Wednesday, the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni advised Ugandans to pay attention to their health if they are to successfully fight for Africa and Uganda.

According to the president, individuals can make a great difference and that’s why he discourages people who endanger their health by taking alcohol, practicing adultery, reckless lifestyle and being obesity because by doing such one can lose their life hence losing his contribution in development of the country.

The President also cautioned those that aspire for the speakership position not to go for it if they have health complications or else they risk death because it’s not an easy position.

While eulogizing the late speaker, Museveni revealed that  because the late Jacob Oulanyah was patriotic and a pan –Africanist that’s why they stood behind him to support him for all the times he has held the speakership position and to their party they have lost a great cadre.

‘’Although we have lost a good cadre, we have to continue following his line’’ Museveni added.

Museveni also praised Oulanyah for his use of God given talents, persistence and hard work well to bring about unity especially to the people of Northern Uganda and urged to unite so that they can be prosperous in life.

In her remarks on behalf of the family the late speaker’s elder daughter Diana Aceng described their Dad as a joyous and caring parent who repeatedly carried on with these responsibilities up to March 20 2022 when he finally passed on.

According to Aceng also a doctor in the United States his father now the late asked him to keep his admission and sickness confidential and requested her not to even call him unless there is an emergency.

Tear full Aceng also thanked the President, Speaker, Chief Justice and the Health Minister who have been there for them in these difficult times and urged them to continue this spirit further.

The chief preacher at this state funnel, the Archbishop Stephen Kazimba Mugalu praised the late Speaker for his passion in advocating for justice and his participation in the local projects back in his village.

The Archbishop was also overwhelmed by the constitutional clause of electing a Speaker immediately after dismissal and he used this opportunity to request the law makers to revisit it and make changes in it.

Kazimba also used this platform to advocate for a country wide dialogue as this is the only window left for this country to solve the over alarming acts of fighting, tribalism, corruption amongst others that have since become a threat to this nation.

The President pledged that the government he leads will contribute to the Jacob Oulanyah education fund to keep the spirit of the fallen soldier alive.

The body of the late speaker was airlifted to his ancestral home in Omoro district Northern Uganda where he will be buried on Friday 8th 2020.