Police Takes Stand Against Misleading JESA JUS Commercial

Police Takes Stand Against Misleading JESA JUS Commercial

The leadership of the police force has vehemently denounced the misappropriation of the traffic police image in a contentious commercial advertisement by Jesa Diary Farms known as, "JESA JUS."

The TV commercial, which has sparked debate, portrays a scenario where a traffic officer, purportedly conducting routine checks, is swiftly swayed by a panicky driver and children offering JESA JUS, allowing them to evade inspection with a casual "You can go."

"The advert insinuates corrupt practices within the traffic police force, depicting the officer succumbing to bribery with JESA JUS and compromising his duty." Police Spokesperson Enanga noted.

"It paints a troubling picture of traffic violations being overlooked in exchange for a simple bribe, perpetuating negative perceptions and encouraging children to believe that bribery is an acceptable way to resolve conflicts."

"Furthermore, the unauthorized use of the police uniform and likeness of a traffic officer without official consent violates established regulations. The advert misleadingly suggests police endorsement of the product, which is categorically false."

In light of these concerns, the police leadership demands the immediate removal of the traffic police content from the advert or its complete withdrawal from all media platforms. Failure to comply may result in legal action by the Directorate of Legal and Human Rights Services.

"The police force remains committed to upholding integrity and transparency in all aspects of its operations and expects the same level of responsibility from commercial entities and advertisers."