Stake holders call for joint collaboration to enable renewable energy transition

Stake holders call for joint collaboration to enable renewable energy transition

Vian Musika the Renewable Energy Manager at the Ecological Christian Organization has called for joint collaboration to enable smooth Renewable Energy transition for Uganda.

Musika  says collaboration will play a role in bringing various stake holders onto one platform to brainstorm on how to mobilize financial resources and how they can tap into resources to enable the success of the Agenda.

The MAP platform leverages on the strength of resources and mobilizing  the different partners and actors to ably  attract sources of funding that will drive the Renewable Energy transition Agenda” Vian said.

Vian made the remarks at the discussion on the importance of Sustainable Renewable Energy transition for Uganda held on Friday at the organization headquarters in Kampala.

Uganda, in 2007 was one of the first countries worldwide and on the African continent to invest in the policy framework that amplified Renewable Energy However, this hasn’t been achieved yet though efforts are being made to accelerate this transition.

In  Africa Uganda is currently among the top ten countries doing fairly well as far as the transition to Renewable Energy, but to contribute to providing leadership in demonstrating of the transition possibility and contributing to the global commitments like the Paris Agreement more efforts are needed in terms of investments and resources.

Isaac Kabongo the Executive Director Ecological Christian Organization who was also part of the discussion said that the country will benefit a lot in the transition through cost benefit analysis, climate change mitigations and also in acceleration of industrialization and that there should not be fear from the society.

Our mission is to see Uganda being a leader in the Renewable Energy sector and being able to demonstrate to others that this can be achievedKabongo added.

The E.D also noted that amongst other advantages of the transition include using Renewable Energy to add value to produces like coffee, cocoa, maize, cassava and others hence bringing the much needed community transformation.

In regards to the agricultural sector, the transition will ensure that the renewable energy technologies drive the methods and practices that farmers apply in regards to climate smart agriculture hence combating the issue of climate change.

Micheal Ahimbisibwe the acting principle energy officer in the Ministry of Energy emphasized that everybody has a commitment to do in this journey of transition because to attain a certain level of achievement we should do some developments done.

The transition is to help us maintain a global world that will be habitable for future generationsAhimbisibwe added.

Renewable Energy has various options to its users that include solar, hydro electric, wind, geo-thermo and hydrogen which the world is now exploring.

The Ecological Christian Organization is a Non-government organization established in 2005 with a mission of engaging and empowering underserved and vulnerable groups in Uganda to realize and protect their rights and dignity in a context of sustained ecosystems and inclusive governance.