Ekkula Tourism Awards Celebrates Champions of Sustainable Tourism Practices

Ekkula Tourism Awards Celebrates Champions of Sustainable Tourism Practices

The winners of the 6th Edition of Ekkula Sustainable Tourism Awards had an opportunity to visit the Conservation Through Commercialization (CTC) center in Butambala where they had an upclose experience with various wild animals as well as training on sustainable tourism and environmental conservation practises. 

Among the distinguished guests were renowned hiphop artist Navio, a winner of the prestigious award with his Njogereza hitsong and legendary kickboxer Golola Moses, a former nominee in the category of "Tourism Ambassador of the year."

Notably, Golola Moses, a former nominee, fearlessly engaged in a heart-stopping display, cuddling and wrestling with a lion, showcasing his unparalleled courage and affinity with wildlife.

Honored to host the event in Butambala, the Woman Member of Parliament, Honorable Aisha Kabanda, extended a warm welcome to the Ekkula Sustainable Tourism Award winners, congratulating them on their outstanding achievements. She commended CTC Director Thomas Price for spearheading life-changing and developmental conservation initiatives within the region.

The winners seized the opportunity to share insights into their sustainable practices, underscoring the importance of harmonizing tourism with environmental preservation. Their commitment to sustainability practises serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to embrace eco-friendly approaches in the tourism industry.

Bismac Moses Amumpaire, team leader of Africa Tourism and Environment Initiatives (ATEI) the brainchild of Ekkula sustainable Tourism Awards noted that the journey for the Ekkula winners to CTC was immersive and initiated a call for collective sustainable tourism practices.

"The visit to CTC conservation center not only provided a firsthand experience of wildlife conservation but also ignited a collective passion for fostering a greener and more sustainable future in tourism." Bismac noted.