UWA, CTC Conservation Center Resolve Long-Standing Dispute, Set to Sign MOU

UWA, CTC Conservation Center Resolve Long-Standing Dispute, Set to Sign MOU

The long-standing dispute between the Conservation Through Commercialization (CTC) and the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has finally been resolved.

The resolution comes after months of tension, during which CTC's owner, Thomas Price, alleged obstruction by UWA officials in his attempts to introduce additional animal species in Uganda.

The dispute came to limelight during discussions with members of the parliamentary committee on Trade, Tourism, and Industry, who visited the facility in Butambala district.

Thomas Price voiced his grievances, highlighting the obstacles encountered despite fulfilling UWA's requirements.

However, today marked a turning point as the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Hon. Tom Butime, paid a visit to the CTC Conservation Centre.

During his tour, Minister Butime commended Thomas Price for his dedication to promoting tourism through the establishment of the CTC Conservation Centre.

"I am truly impressed by what Thomas and what he has been able to do." Noted Butime

He added, " We have had a discussion with him (Thomas), Uganda wildlife Authority, and the technical team from UTB and the ministry of Tourism, the meeting was very informative, constructive and very conciliatory."

Crucially, Minister Butime announced that the grievances between CTC and UWA have been successfully addressed.

"All the misunderstandings that were hyped to have taken place have been ironed out today. I'm going back leaving behind a well settled Thomas ready to work with UWA and the Ministry of Tourism." Butime added.

He added that; "We shall henceforth develop a memorandum of understanding between UWA and CTC so that each one knows what to do and how to quickly do it."

He emphasized the importance of collaboration between private entities like CTC and governmental bodies like UWA in advancing Uganda's tourism sector.

He revealed that both parties are set to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), outlining their commitment to cooperation in wildlife conservation and tourism promotion.

The agreement is also expected to facilitate the introduction of additional animal species at the CTC Conservation Centre, thereby enhancing the visitor experience and contributing to the conservation efforts in the region. 

Thomas price, the proprietor of CTC on the other hand welcomed the minister's intervention into this matter and expressed optimism for Uganda's tourism industry growth if all parties work together and those in positions of authority work for the good of our country. 

"I'm very happy that finally we found a mutual understanding with UWA after the minister of Tourism's intervention, we should all work together for the better of the tourism industry." Thomas noted.

He also said that plans to expand and improve on tourists experience at the facility are underway.

"The facility now sits on 56acres of land and we're further expanding. We also hope to bring in more animals and construct cabins as well as a cafeteria to enhance tourists experience "

The Honourable Minister had an opportunity to name two lion cubs that were given birth recently at the centre. He named the male after himself and coincidentally the name confides with that of the facility proprietor (Thomas).

He also named the female cub Beatrice, his wife's name. He promised to make time in the future to come and visit them when fully grown.

He also called upon Ugandans to visit this facility in Butambala.