Ministry of Tourism to develop museums across the country.

Ministry of Tourism to develop museums across the country.

While addressing journalists in Kampala on the commemoration of the International Museum Day on Wednesday, the Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Tom Butiime said gover has plans to develop all museums across the country in additional to the  exciting three.

Uganda on May 18th will join the rest of world to celebrate the #InternationalMuseumDay that is commemorated annually  to raise awareness  on the importance of Museums in terms of  cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures, development of mutual understanding and also peace among people.

According to Butiime this year’s celebrations will be under the theme “The Power of Museums in Conservation of our Culture” .

The commemoration will include activities like temporally exhibitions, special displays, cultural heritage competitions, indigenous games, a camp fire a get together and many more others.

This year’s theme aims to display the hidden potential that museums have been keeping for long, These treasures shall be displayed to champion tools for identifying and overcoming bias and we hope to increase visibility by the end of the celebrationsButiime added.

Museums like the main one along  Kitante have a potential to create meaningful experiences for all people by demonstrating their relevance by engaging constructively in the political, social, and cultural realities and also being at a center stage in mitigating challenges of inclusion and diversity.

In the bid to take museum services closer to communities, the government has taken several strategies including sensitization campaigns on museum services, involvement of various categories of youth, adults and community leaders and also equipping regional museums with artifacts and art works that are beneficial.

During the week long celebrations, the general public is to be given an opportunity to participate in the occasions and to also share knowledge and experiences faced in the management and care of museums at a free cost.

According to the organizing committee, there will be a route match from Fort Lugard via Makerere to the museum on the 18th, and registration of individuals willing to exhibit will be 100,000UGX while that for a group stands at 250,000UGX.

All stake holders and partners will be given a chance to exhibit their materials and the Uganda Museum will also have a special display from the colonial times to date that will be themed “The Journey taken by the Uganda Museum from 1908 to date”.

The Uganda government has lately secured land in Arua and Fortpotal with the aim of constructing museums in different parts of the country.